Jersey Mike’s Cares!

It’s taken me over a week now to clear my brain and feel like I might be able to attempt the words needed to tell this story.  I have never in my life been so completely floored and blown away by the generosity of others, and believe me that’s a hard feat – we are absolutely surrounded […]


Harry has always been a good sleeper.  It was a little dicey in the beginning (which I would assume in the case with most newborns), and I vividly remember a period of time where he would nap nowhere else but on me, but for the most part it’s been cake.  Currently he is a four-year-old […]

Another Spill

Last year we replaced our very old carpet in the bedrooms of our home.  We went middle of the road – nothing too expensive, nothing too cheap – but I like what we chose.  About a month ago, I was putting away my flimsy box that held all of my nail polish bottles away, when the […]

It All Comes Pouring Out

If you know me, you know I like to keep moving.  Look forward at the next step, move toward it, stay in motion.  This quality has done me wonders after having a special needs child, it has become my safety and my coping mechanism.  Even with a child whose diagnosis has no treatments or cures, […]

Disabled Disney

Hi friends!  We are back from our very first Disney vacation and I am so excited to tell you all about it.  We were able to go because hubby’s work did a conference at the Disney Swan and Dolphin so the hotel was paid for (for some of the trip).  This is not a vacation […]

That Fresh Feeling

Nostalgia hit me hard this week, and it was so, so strange.  I had some time off from work (I worked the beginning of last week and I work the end of this week), so in preparation for vacation and a new job I spent most of the week running around doing this and that.  […]

Becoming a Runner

    I am a runner – as crazy as it sounds, this phrase still shocks me.  I never thought I could be a runner, or that I wanted to be a runner.  It seemed to out of reach, really because I had put it out of reach.  But here I am, a runner who […]

Parenting is Special

Parenting is tough, no matter what your situation, and I give all the parents out there some major credit.  This job is challenging, to say the least!  But to my homies, my special needs parents, I’ll give you a little something extra – you guys rock.  This is a crazy club to be a part […]

I Can Fly!

Running is a strange thing.  Sometimes, for no reason, it goes terribly.  Sure you can train and eat right and not wear new gear and warm up properly, then for no good reason you fail miserably (see my attempt at a marathon).  Other times, you expect a huge failure, and somehow you gain wings.  Every […]